Problem with sessionEnabled service

Sep 16, 2008 at 8:53 AM
I'am experiencing problem using webmethods with sessionEnabled attribute = true. When I invoke a method which read a session variable, webserviceStudio crashes beacause the server return a null reference exception. It seems that the session varible does'nt exist.

But if I use the sendRequest() method (instead of invoke button), it's working fine.

I didn't unsterstand why it crashes when I use the Invoke button because it's seem that the callback proxy has a CookieContainer object defined.

To do my test, I use a webservice with 2 methods : PutInSession(key,value) and ReadFromSession(key)

If I call PutInSession("A","XX") using invoke button, it's working fine. But after if I call ReadFromSession("A") using invoke button, it crashes.
But, I hit send button (in request/response tab) it's working.